Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Street Arabs of Michael Woolf

“Michael Woolf delights in child life. He illustrates capitally its amusing imitation of grown people, its witty sayings, its unconscious knowledge of human nature. Subtract the exaggeration – which is the caricaturists right – and you have truth. Children are drawn towards this man who understands them so well, but a primary school girl embarrassed him some time ago. “Mr. Woolf,” she said, “are you never homesick?” “Why?” asked the artist. “Because you live so far away from your country. Mamma told papa at dinner last night that you are a Bohemiam.” > Cartoonists of New York in the Chicago Daily Inter Ocean, November 7, 1886.

Top illustration Harper’s New Monthly Magazine June 1877. The Street Arabs of Michael Woolf from Godey’s Magazine, Vol. CXXXIII No. 797 November, 1896. See also > American Judy.

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