Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Neki Hokey

Today's Sunday page is from 1955. I remember my parents reading the Mumbles/Neki Hokey sequence for me, and like many people I'm sure it was a desire to read comic strips on my own that got me started on a life of reading. A lot of people have pondered the meaning of a smokin' sixties cajun song by Bobbie Gentry called Niki Hoeky -- this was probably the genesis of the hit song.

Niki, Niki, Niki Hoeky,
Your pappy's doing time in the pokey,
Your sisters on a trip,
Your momma got hip,
Little boy you're lookin' ok,
You ooh boog-a-boo you,
You ooh boog-a-boo you ...

1 comment:

  1. It was definitely the inspiration for Neki Hokey, written by Billy Dawn Smith, recorded by the Cleftones-1956.Also recorded by the Cardinals. (unreleased?)