Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Them Were the Days

Here’s another treat for boxing fans, Wood Cowan’s great comic strip Them Were the Days, which began November 29, 1927 with the story of the first British Heavyweight champ James Figg. The last I could find was on Jan 27, 1927, “The Nelson-Gans Fight.” The comic did have some Canadian syndication in the Halifax Herald. As you can see they practised a strange form of boxing in ‘them days,’ with the fights lasting until one or another fighter was bloodied and oblivious.

Wood Cowan (1896-1977) drew a variety of strips although this is my favourite, He drew ‘Vivian the Vamp,’ ‘Carrie,’ ’Mom ’n Pop,’ ’Oh Diana’, ‘Our Boarding House’ (in 1946), and ’Sissy.’ Barnacle Press has generous sampling of Cowan's ‘Carrie’ comic strips HERE. I don’t know much about Cowan except that he was a resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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