Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Introducing Ching-Ching

“Handsome Harry,” by E. Harcourt Burrage, first appeared in a serial in the Boys’ Standard, No. 20, March 18, 1876, and was later published in penny numbers as “Handsome Harry of the Fighting Belvedere” by Hogarth House in 28 parts in 1880. “Handsome Harry of the Fighting Belvedere” was re-published in America in The Boys of New York Supplement, Vol. X, No. 444, Feb. 16, 1884. Further adventures were serialized in the story paper “Ching-Ching’s Own,” published by W. Lucas beginning June 14, 1888 and then issued in penny numbers by “Best for Boys” publications. The Ching-Ching sequence for these was as follows >

“Best for Boys” editions:

1. Cheerful Ching-Ching 11 nos. (sequel to “Handsome Harry.”)

2. Daring Ching-Ching; or, the Mysterious Cruise of the Swallow 18 nos.

3. Wonderful Ching-Ching, His Further Adventures 30 nos.

4. Young Ching-Ching (A Worthy Son of a Worthy Sire)

5. Ching-Ching Yarns No. 1, “Ching-Ching on the Trail.” Further tales in this pocket series were written by Burrage but were not Ching-Ching stories.

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