Friday, February 12, 2010

Martini Jug Cartoonist

A reader sent these scans of a martini jug and asked if I could identify the artist. The style is a late fifties early sixties "modern" style, in the sense that the minimal style used is similar to Hanna Barbara or UPA’s minimal style.

What I find interesting is that the drawings are of photographers, writers and press reporters, which suggests that it may have been connected in some way with a newspaper. It may have even originated as a staff Christmas gift.

Another source that suggests itself is that it may have been originally produced and sold through one of the men's magazines like True or Argosy who manufactured quite a few drinking items with cartoons adorning them. However those were usually done by big-name popular cartoonists like Virgil Partch who are immediately identifiable.

I can't say I recognize the artist but perhaps someone well versed in gag cartoonists of the period may be able to identify him (or her). Anyone?

*Photos by Bruce Ramsay

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