Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inspector Dick's Safety Circus

Ex-Vaudevillian Inspector Dick Mansfield of the Washington, D.C. police force, ran a program in the city where he visited elementary schools and spoke to 5th and 6th graders who were patrol boys. Don Kurtz, a familiar name to Yesterday’s Papers readers for his cartoonist collection, was one of those patrol boys and had his portrait drawn and signed by Inspector Dick circa 1945-46. The newspaper account is from 1955 during a tour of Hagerstown, Maryland.


  1. Thanks for the memory!
    Someone linked to your blog on a Facebook page for those of us raised in DC.
    All of us of the right age were "Safety Carefuliers," who "used our eyes and ears."
    Every schoolchild in DC knew Dick Mansfield.

  2. Glad to provide a smile and a memory and to hear that his fans are being directed to Yesterday's Papers!

  3. Hi was doing a search on Dick Mansfield and came across your page. I have a letter by Dick and signed on his letter head. Could this be worth any thing? Thanks

  4. I have three great cartoons hand drawn by Inspector Mansfield. He was friends with my father's step father and we would run in to him at Chesapeake and North Beach from time to time. He was a very nice man who always took time to say stop and talk to us. He was very generous with his time.