Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Vernon Greene

Sherri, of Vancouver, Washington, has sent me some interesting scans concerning Vernon Greene, who took over Bringing up Father in 1954. Vancouver is a fairly large city on the North bank of the Columbia River. Battle Ground borders Vancouver on the north east. I grew up in Trail, British Columbia, on the Canadian side of the Columbia River, but I only made it as far south as Spokane myself.

Recently Sherri purchased a little memory book of Battle Ground High School Class of 1926 (Vernon Greene’s Class). Inside there is an undated newspaper clipping (from approx. June 3rd 1929) about Vernon; who was leaving for a new position at the Toledo News Bee. You can see from the school page that his nickname was “V.V.” Greene's high school graduation was on May 27, 1926.

Sherri thought the Greene image of the moustachio’d older man might be that of a school official. The original owner of the memory book was Adelma Peterson. The Greene comic strip below was from the Canadian Star Weekly for 14 April 1956. Thanks Sherri!

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