Sunday, May 22, 2011

Captain Flame

The Chronicles of Captain Flame, based on Douglas Fairbanks Black Pirate, appeared in seven serials in Amalgamated's Knockout beginning in 1948 and running to 1953. The author was Leonard Mathews, editor of the Knockout, and the swashbuckling illustrations were by Septimus E. Scott. Captain Flame hounded the pirates of the Spanish Main in company with first mate Fat Louis and a very sexy woman (for a boys' comic) with a bull-whip known as The Moth. Other Sep E. Scott strips were The Kings’ Captain in the Comet (1951), Prince the Wonder Dog, in Playhour Pictures (1954), Uncle Ben in Jack & Jill (1961), and Jane Eyre in Princess (1966).


  1. It's a treat to discover fine work I've never seen before. I love this man's artwork! Loose yet precisely drawn, full of movement. Scott's style seems similar to that of H. Brock (another welcome discovery), appearing in the same magazine at the same time. Was loose pen-and-ink the Knockout "house style?"

    Thanks for publishing these treasures.

  2. Awesome! Will there be a graphic novel based on strip collection of Scott's Captain Flame?