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Humorists of the Pencil – John Proctor

1 [1874] ‘King Pippin’ by Roland Quiz,
Young Folks’ Weekly Budget, February 7
HERE are the pages 54 to 6o with the ‘John Proctor’ chapter from ‘Humorists of the Pencil’ by Sir John Alexander Hammerton, London: Hurst and Blackett, 1905. (Punch published a series of books called ‘Humorists of the Pencil’ between 1900 and 1915 as well.) Article images courtesy of Allan Proctor Gray.

2 [1874] ‘Silverspear; or, the Magicians of Arabia’ 
by Walter Villiers (Walter Viles), February 7
Frank Jay wrote in Peeps into the Past of  Our Young Folks’ Weekly Budget:

One of the best old boys’ periodicals, read by both sexes, old and young alike, was the famous “Young Folks’ Weekly Budget,” published by Mr. J. Henderson at Red Lion House, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street.

No. 1 was published on a Monday in January, 1871, and consisted of eight pages of the unusual size, 12½ in. by 9 in.  The price was a halfpenny, and remained so up to No. 106, Vol. 3, January 22, 1873, when the journal was enlarged to sixteen pages and the price raised to one penny.  The title up to No. 288, Vol. 8, June 24, 1876, was “Our Young Folks’ Weekly Budget,” and better paper was used, the general “get-up” being superior to the earlier volumes.  The size of the sheets was altered to 14 in. by 9½ in., and in this form the periodical ran to No. 447, Vol. 14, June 28, 1879, when the title was again altered to “Young Folks.”  With No. 500, Vol. 17, July 3, 1880, the sheets were again enlarged to 16½ inches by 11½ inches, and continued in this form and title to No. 733, Vol. 24, December 20, 1884, when the journal was again altered to “The Young Folks’ Paper,” and ran to No. 1074, Vol. 38, June 27, 1891.  On the back page an announcement appeared as follow:  “Special to our Readers.—Further development of ‘Young Folks’ Paper,’—Change of title, on and after next week, to ‘Old and Young,’ a high-class Magazine for all readers.”

Under this new title it ran from No. 1075, Vol. 39, July 4, 1891, to No. 1353, Vol. 49, September 11, 1896, when it was discontinued.

3 [1874] ‘Silverspear,’ September 19
4 [1873] Funny-Land,’  by F.C. Thompson, October 25
5 [1875] Cartoon, October 30
6 [1873] Funny-Land,’ November 1
7 [1873] Funny-Land,’ November 8
8 [1874] ‘King Pippin in Monster-Land,’ by Roland Quiz, December 19
9 [1871] Ninth issue of Our Young Folks’ Weekly Budget,
February 25
10 [1874] ‘Portrait Supplement,’ December 19

11 [1874] Our own portraits’ 

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