Monday, June 17, 2013

Robert Minor in the New York Call

[1] John D. Rockefeller stumps the pavement for the 
New York Call,  July 28, 1915.

“Honesty is a bourgeois virtue.” — Robert Minor

Robert Berkeley “Fighting Bob” Minor was born in the shadow of the Alamo at San Antonio, Texas on July 16, 1884, and died in 1952. He began his newspaper career on the San Antonio Gazette before moving to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch where he occupied his time with morgue drawings and daily cartoons using a blunt grease crayon on textured paper.

[2] September 12, 1915

Next was the New York Evening World, until his anti-war cartoons led to dismissal in 1914. He then turned to the socialist press: Mother Earth, The Masses, and the New York Call. In 1920 Minor joined the Communist party and edited Liberator (1924) and the Daily Worker (1929 1937). His cartoons were so persuasive that during World War I many of his Call cartoons were republished in “respectable” newspapers like the World. By removing his anti-capitalist captions the nonpartisan images masqueraded as anti-Kaiser sentiments. 

Rogue’s Gallery: Socialist Cartoons HERE.

[3] New York World, August 3, 1912
[4] New York Call, August 28, 1915
[5] New York Call, September 15, 1919
[6] New York Call, July 4, 1915
[7] New York Call, August 15, 1915
[8] New York Call, August 8, 1915
[9] New York Call, August 22, 1915
[10] New York Call, September 11, 1915

 [11] New York World, October 6, 1914

[12] New York World, October 19, 1914

 [13] New York Call, June 3, 1915

[14] New York Call, June 5, 1915

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