Monday, August 5, 2013

The London Sketch Club — A 1915 Memoir

[1] The Forge, watercolour sketch by John Hassall.

Walter Churcher, the club’s former secretary, wrote this short memoir of the London Sketch Club, for The International Studio, Vol. 54, No. 216, February 1915, pp.243-255. See the portrait H.M. Bateman made of him in [5].

[2] The club’s new quarters, Marylebone Road.
‘…The purpose of the London Sketch Club, as that of the older Langham Sketching Club, is, as is well known, the practice of rapid memory sketching by gaslight from given subjects…’

[4] Smoking Conversaziones.
‘…On the occasion of the half-yearly Smoking Concert, or on other special occasions, […] duologues expand into transpontine dramas, presidential initiations, tramp suppers, and other eccentricities which cannot be easily described in cold print…’


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