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VET’s 15 Dual Portraits for ‘Illustrators and Cartoonists of the Present Day’ (1906)

A THREE-PAGE feature titled Illustrators and Cartoonists of the Present Day, with 15 author-artist portraits by VET (J.S. Anderson), in Success magazine, February 1906, pp. 91-93. Young VET designed his own signature in the shape of a skinny rooster. To transform each drawing into a dual portrait, each portrayed artist drew in some of his own handiwork — a self-portrait, or some personal characters!

“…How American artists who created some of the best known characters of the comic papers have helped literature…” Success, February 1906

91.1 F. OPPER (Frederick Burr Opper, b.1857)
91.2 A.B. FROST (Arthur Burdett Frost, b.1851)
91.3 C.G. BUSH (Charles Green Bush, b.1842)
91.4 DAVENPORT (Homer Calvin Davenport, b.1867)
91.5 W.A. ROGERS (William Allen Rogers, b.1854)

“…A series of pictures of the leaders of the pen and brush…” Success, February 1906

92.1 C.D. GIBSON (Charles Dana Gibson, b.1867)
92.2 R.F. OUTCAULT (Richard Felton Outcault, b.1863)
92.3 A.B. WENZELL (Albert Beck Wenzell, b.1864)
92.4 TAD (Thomas Aloysius Dorgan, b.1877)
92.5 SWINNERTON (James Guilford Swinnerton, b.1875)

“…A few lines depicting a character will often leave a greater impression for better or worse upon the reader than pages of description…” Success, February 1906

93.1 CORY (John Campbell Cory, b.1867)
93.2 DAN SMITH (b.1865)
93.3 O. HERFORD (Oliver Herford, b.1863)
93.4 FISHER (Harrison Fisher, b.1877)
93.5 CHRISTY (Howard Chandler Christy, b.1873)

“…Of course, lack of space prevents every one of the great legion of clever American artists having a place in this collection…” Success, February 1906


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