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Circulation magazine – a Chat with King Features Syndicate, Inc.

[1] Sidney Loeb, the Editor of CIRCULATION magazine, is introduced to Little Jimmy's Lil’ Ole Bear! 

"The circulation of CIRCULATION MAGAZINE - subtitled: 'A Magazine for Newspaper-Makers' - is just 5,000 copies an issue. Because it is sent to every newspaper executive in the country, and to hundreds of advertising agencies and national advertisers, it is registered as third class mail. If you miss your copy write to us, and we'll mail one to your home." - Circulation Chat editorial, in #4, Sep 1921.

[2] King Features sold journalistic productions of all kinds, and notably comic strips in black-and-white and full-colour.
[3] Circulation #4, Sep 1921, cover by Joe McGurk. "Can you fancy Kayo Tortoni, the beautiful newsie of the skies, delivering your paper every morning?"
[4] Circulation #25, July 1926, "Bughouse Fables" by Paul Fung.
"King Features Syndicate, Inc. - the greatest family of circulation boosting comics on earth!"

[5] Circulation #3, July 1921, "Why Are Comic Pictures Necessary in Sunday Newspapers?" by Arthur Brisbane. 
[6] Arthur Brisbane.
[7] Circulation #18, Feb 1925, Happy Hooligan is hired to laugh, strip by F. Opper.
[8] Circulation #12, Apr 1923, Jimmy Swinnerton at work in Canyon Country.
"The COMIC-ARTISTS Show That They can DRAW!" Circulation #26, Sep 1926.

[10] Circulation #24, May 1926, Li'l Ole Bear M.D. - for which Jimmy Swinnerton pictures his editor who signed the article as "Noted Author and Critic" Beol Yendis.
[11] Circulation #25, July 1926, "The Newspaper Art Gallery" by Sals Bostwick.
[12] Circulation #3, July 1921, "To Laugh or Not to Laugh" by Alexander Black.
"King Features Syndicate, Inc. - the greatest family of circulation boosting comics on earth!" Circulation Chat editorial
[13] Circulation #18, Feb 1925 Harold H. Knerr - author of the strip "The Katzenjammer Kids" - was interviewed by Walter E. Sagmaster for Smart Set magazine.
[14] Circulation #3, July 1921, cover by Nell Brinkley.
[15] Circulation #3, July 1921, "Down on the Farm", a new strip by F. Opper. 
[16] Circulation #25, July 1926, R.F. Outcault writes about his friend Fred Opper, who's already making fun for half a century!
[17] "Mr. Opper has done his share as a grouch destroyer."
[18] Circulation #9, Sep 1922, "Mr. Frederick Burr Opper", by Penelope Clarke.
[19] Circulation #26, Sep 1926, announcement for Ad. Carter's strip "Just Kids".
[20] Circulation #19, Apr 1925, Happy Hooligan marvels at the Editors and Publishers Banquet, strip by F. Opper.
[21] Circulation #4, Sep 1921, "The Relativity of Art and Comic Art" is what Billy DeBeck and R.B., Jr. discuss.
"It is well known that George Herriman puts so much 'serious' art into 'Krazy Kat' that great painters and critics fight frantically for his originals." - Circulation #26, Sep 1926.
[22] Circulation #4, Sep 1921, "The Relativity of Art and Comic Art".  Barney: "Come on, Boss - I feel like a hoss in a garage!"
[23] PICTURE RHYME - Cover of The Saturday Evening Post, 13 Jan 1962, showing "The Connoisseur" by illustrator Norman Rockwell (b.1894).
[24] Circulation #11, Mar 1923, "Why Newsies Get Rich" by comic strip maker Fay King who pictured herself.

For most readers of YESTERDAY'S PAPERS this is just a first glimpse of CIRCULATION magazine, a promotional paper published at irregular intervals from 1921 to 1927 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. in New York City, NY. My present estimate is that at least 29 issues were published. The earliest I saw is from 1921, the latest from 1927. 

BUT UP TO NOW JUST 15 NUMBERS HAVE RESURFACED (11 full issues, plus from 3 issues only the covers, and from 1 issue only the interior).

Huib van Opstal

[ to be continued ]


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  4. Anyone know of any of these for sale?
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