Friday, August 14, 2015

Mr. Goldberg, How Did You Put It Over?

“MY FIRST REAL CHANCE came when Tad Dorgan left the San Francisco “Bulletin” to go East. I made such a pest of myself asking for the position that they gave it to me in self-defense. […] The paper devoted a great deal of attention to sports. So they gave me the chance to draw fight pictures, and asked me to write something — to explain what they were, probably. One of my secret ambitions, which I never had dared confess, was to learn to write — which I never had attempted. Now I commenced to write in the vein of the pictures; a sort of mild, semi-sarcastic ridicule, not of individuals but of situations and action.” — RUBE GOLDBERG, 1922

 Rube Goldberg (1883-1973)
Tad Dorgan (1877-1929)
 Woof! Woof! We’re Going to the Dogs, April 1, 1922, Exhibitors Herald
My Answer To The Question:
How Did You Put It Over?

by Reuben L. Goldberg
American Magazine
March 1922
pp. 37-39
& 64

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