Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hawkshaw the Detective

MONK COMICS. Gus Mager’s comic strip Hawkshaw the Detective ran from February 23, 1913, to September 24, 1922. The strip was a continuation of Sherlocko the Monk which was one of a number of alternating characters — Knocko the Monk, Braggo the Monk, Rhymo the Monk, Colfeeto the Monk, Tightwaddo the Monk, Henpecko the Monk — in an earlier series of Monk comics which ran from 1904 to 1912. Sherlocko starred in a Sunday page which was renamed Hawkshaw the Detective in 1913. The strip was revived between 1931 and 1952.

1912 [1] Sherlocko the Monk. The Adventure of the Flying Rumor, July 24.
HAWKSHAW. Originally ‘Hawkshaw’ was the name of the detective character in the melodrama The Ticket of Leave Man, written by Tom Taylor, comic writer and editor of Punch, in 1863. The Ticket of Leave Man was introduced to American readers in a serial novelization published in The Flag of our Union for March 1865. Bob Brierly; or, the Ticket-of-Leave Man was published by Robert M. DeWitt in 1867, under the byline “Henry L. Williams Jr.”

c.1912 [2] Sherlocko original art. 
1913 [3] Hawkshaw the Detective – The Affair of the Bank Messenger, June 22.
1911 [4] Gus Mager.



  1. Nice find, John. I'd never heard of this strip.

    Bob Scott

  2. Great art!

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  3. Sherlocko became Hawkshaw allegedly after Arthur Conan Doyle threatened suit... and his sidekick Watso became "The Colonel (and later became Watso again).

    Tom Taylor wrote another play, that became infamous for an incident that occurred during its performance: "Our American Cousin."