Sunday, May 14, 2017

We Have With Us Today!

[1] ‘They Stand Out From the Crowd’ — The Literary Digest, March 24, 1934

We Have With Us Today! 
by Grantland Rice and J.N. Ding

FOUR YEARS before his death, when he was seriously ill, Jay Norwood Darling (Oct 21, 1876 – Feb 12, 1962) drew a farewell cartoon to be published on his demise and gave it to his secretary for safekeeping. It showed the cartoonist rushing out of his cluttered office. His last message read: — “Bye Now; It’s Been Wonderful Knowing You.” Henry Grantland Rice (Nov 1, 1880 – July 13, 1954) was a famous sporting columnist.
[2] Oct 5, 1919
[3] Oct 19, 1919
[4] Nov 16, 1919
[5] Nov 30, 1919


  1. Some of the nicest work that either legendary newspaperman ever did. The tearsheets are wonderful to behold.

    In its death-throes the New York Tribune published a weekend ROP (full standard-page size) color section. Heavy, white, coated stock, gorgeous camera-separated colors. WE HAVE WITH US TODAY was on of the great results (otherwise, mostly sepia-toned post-war news photos...)

    And Grantland Rive was the legendary sport writer (he coined the iconic "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" moniker for the Notre Dame front line).

    Random: I own Grantland Rice's golf clubs and golf bag -- wooden shafts, mashie niblicks, etc) -- passed on to me by his friend the syndication pioneer (Bell Syndicate; ghost writer of Christy Matthewson's columns, ETC) John Wheeler.

    1. Random AND somehow unsurprising!