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Pernicious Illustration – Pernicious Pictures

[1] From F. Opper’s Happy Hooligan, 1911

“A worse pabulum for young America could hardly be concocted by Satan himself. The combined influences of the home, the public schools, and all the churches together are hardly sufficient to undo the mischief wrought in the minds of children by this never-ceasing flood of hell-broth.” — Henry Turner Bailey, 1911
HENRY TURNER BAILEY in 1911 started a brief discussion with his 5-page article Pernicious Illustration in a brand new monthly trade magazine, The Graphic Arts (subtitle: ‘for Printers and Users of Printing’). Comments of two other authors followed in a later issue, under the general header “Pernicious Illustration” Again; The Other Side of the Matter. Below are the pages 121-125 and 284-288 with all three articles, taken from The Graphic Arts, Vol. I, January-June 1911, National Arts Publishing Company, Boston, MA. 
Pernicious Illustration by Henry Turner Bailey.

Another Aspect of Newspaper Humor by Brainard Leroy Bates.

A Plea for the Pernicious Pictures by Joseph Swerling. 

[2] Page 121
[3] Page 122
[4] Page 123
[5] Page 124
[6] Page 125
[7] Page 284
[8] Page 285
[9] Page 286
[10] Page 287
[11] Page 288
[12] F. Opper, Happy Hooligan Makes a Hit! But It Wasn’t on the Programme, a full page comic strip in the Sunday Chicago Tribune of February 26, 1911

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