Wednesday, October 25, 2017

“CHIP” and His Dogs in The Munsey

[1] Chip (1862-94)

“The late Frank P.W. Bellew and his work as a humorous draftsman — Of the many comic types he created, the best are his inimitable dogs.”

by Tom Masson,
in Munsey’s Magazine,
August 1905,
pp. 601-607
[2] p.601 
[3] p.602
[4] p.603
[5] Munsey’s Magazine, published by Frank A. Munsey, had the shorter cover title The Munsey.
[6] p.604
[7] p.605
[8] p.606
[9] p.607
[10] The book “Chip’s” Dogs was published in 1895, this is the cover of the 1897 edition.
[11] New Yorker Chip or Frank P.W. Bellew died young at 32.5 years — only six years after his father, Frank Bellew Sr. — and was buried the tenth of November, 1894, at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx in New York, Fern section 77.

Chris Wheeler
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