Sunday, May 5, 2019

A Crowded Life in Comics –

Art from Crowded Sketchbooks 

by Rick Marschall

I have been text-heavy in this space over the past several installments, so I will be merciful and be art-heavy today; or whatever its polar opposite is.

In a “crowded life” in the comics and cartoon worlds, I have been blessed to meet many cartoonists beginning in second grade of school (mine, not theirs). Some blossomed into lifelong friendships; some were one-time visits, especially with pioneers who were active in the 1890s.

I was a “fanboy” just enough to ask for sketches or inscriptions on original art. Often I was not, however – when I chose not to appear to be the fanboy I was – and regrets, I’ve had some.

However, I will share some here, and sporadically, providing a taste of the behind-the-scenes world when cartoonists wanted to strut their graphic stuff… or hastily reduced their characters to the simplest lines… or might have wondered if something like the internet would be invented, and share their sketches!



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