Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Multi-Panel Caricature in The Scourge –

George Cruikshank

The Scourge and Satirist; or, Literary, Theatrical and Miscellaneous Magazine was a text magazine published monthly in London by J. Johnston, and the strips were steel-engraved foldouts that came with the original periodicals. The Scourge published Cruikshank's first professional works. The editor was “Mad”
  Jack Mitford.

John Bull's Three Stages; or, From Good To Bad & From Bad To Worse, George Cruikshank, March 2, 1815

A Paradice for Fools; – A Nocturnal Trip-or-The Disciple of Johanna benighted, Sept 1, 1814. This is not George Cruikshank, like the previous. The print is not signed but the publisher is noted: W. H. Jones
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream, George Cruikshank, July 1815
Napoleons trip from Elba to Paris, & from Paris to St. Helena, George Cruikshank 3-panel plate, Sept 1815. The plate was folded to fit into the bound volume.
Early sporting cartoon by Geo. Cruikshank, steel-engraving, The Scourge, Oct 1815

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