Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art Young (1866-1943)

Good Morning, continued under the title Art Young Quarterly, was edited by cartoonist Art Young and was published irregularly between 1919 and 1921 by The Good Morning Company.

*Original Art Young Sketch and Letters courtesy Don Kurtz

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  1. Hawaii...A Snap Shot...Being the Record of a Trip to the "Paradise of the Pacific" in which the Truth of General Impressions More than Literal--and Often Misleading--Fact is Conflagration Jones (Clarance A.Webster),illustrated by Art Young and others[Chicago:Smith & Colbert 1893]--this booklet serves as the exhibition catalog of the KILAUEA VOLCANO PANORAMA by Albert,Burridge & Grover,which first appeared at the World's Columbian Exposition,Chicago in 1893.The text and many illustrations appeared as a serial in the CHICAGO INTER OCEAN.Clarance Webster/Jones accompanied Walter Burridge on the fieldtrip to plan and record the Kilauea Volcano panorama.Jeremiah Kiersted Cady was architect of the rotunda,and the sculptress of Pele, who stood at the entrance of the rotunda,was Ellen Rankin Copp.