Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Funny Folks

Our Young Folks’ Weekly Budget
James Henderson began his career as a publisher in Manchester in 1861 with The Weekly Budget. He set up publishing offices in London at Red Lion House, Red Lion Court and began a penny children’s story paper called Our Young Folks’ Weekly Budget which ran under various titles from 2 January 1871 to 31 October 1896. On 12 December 1874 he published a penny tabloid comic called Funny Folks with a cover by John Proctor, who signed his work “Puck.” Proctor worked regularly on Young Folks and Funny Folks from their beginnings. The letters following, courtesy of Don Kurtz, are from John Proctor to William Sawyer, the editor of Funny Folks. A Chat with John Proctor HERE.

*Funny-Land illustration from Young Folks 8 Nov 1873
*King Pippin illustration from Young Folks 7 Feb 1874


  1. Well I am delighted to see all this lovely stuff on this site and particularly the material about John Proctor. His brother, James Hutchison Proctor emigrated to Canada in the early 1880's and though a Surgeon Dentist did homestead at Two Creeks Manitoba for a time but then practiced in
    Virden. He had a large family and many descendants of which I am one. He was my Great Grandfather via his daughter Menie Noble Proctor. I believe John Proctor named one of his sons William Sawyer Proctor no doubt after his friend in the publishing trade.

  2. One of the great things about blogging is the responses I sometimes receive from relatives and contemporaries of the sometimes obscure artists and writers that interest me. Thanks for adding to the information on John Proctor, a favorite of mine.