Saturday, March 12, 2011

Robert Prowse Junior

This photograph of Robert Prowse, junior, and his grand-daughter Dorothia was taken in May 1931. It was sent to me by his great grandson, Lawrence Brennan, and is much appreciated. Robert Prowse was very popular in his time and was famous for the brilliant colored paintings he did for the last of the penny dreadful publishers, the Aldine Publishing Company. Steve Holland compiled a brief biography, A Tale of Two Roberts, which you can read HERE.

The Aldine Kit Carson is an original watercolor (actually probably done in gouache), one of a number which are for sale at NW Pony Express. The Spring-Heeled Jack covers are courtesy Joe Rainone.

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  1. I've noticed a similarity between the "Terror Of The Land" cover and Jean-Leon Gerome's 1857 painting "Duel After A Masked Ball".

    What's more, I think BATMAN's Bob Kane might have been familiar with these covers as well...