Friday, June 10, 2011

American Highwaymen

At least half-a-dozen American publishers issued British highwaymen penny dreadfuls in series but there were very few American highwaymen. Edward L. Wheeler, author of Wild Ivan, had much greater success with Deadwood Dick, road-agent, which was published by Aldine in London and sent to all the colonies. Dr. John Hovey Robinson went back to the early days of American romances of the fifties. His serials appeared in Gleason's Pictorial and were kept in print by Beadle until the 1880's. The Nation described his works as 'unnatural backwoods romances.' Oll Coomes wrote Red Rob, the Road-Agent and Lady Jaguar was from the pen of William H. Manning writing under the pseudonym "Captain Mark Wilton."

*Images courtesy E. M. Sanchez Saavedra

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