Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Harry Murphy

Not much is known about Harry Murphy except that he was the first editorial cartoonist for the Morning Oregonian. During WWI he was employed by Hearst's Chicago Examiner on the editorial pages.


  1. Glad to see the great Harry Murphy pieces.
    Aside from the early Morning Oregonian {circa 1904} work I have him down as a staff artist for the San Francisco Call just before WWI and then heading for NYC. Apparently he started his career at age 17 on a newspaper in Seattle.

    Another really fine pen & ink slinger from an era crowded with talented cartoonists.

    Thank you.

    Larry Rippee

  2. Thanks for the additional information, Larry. Murphy's ink style is similar to David Levine's sixties linework in a way.

  3. Murphy provided several illustrations and cartoons for S.A.D. Puter's 1908 book "Looters of the Public Domain" about the great multi-state railroad land fraud. Anyone have any DOB/DOD for Mr. Murphy?

  4. I'm holding a book "Leading Business Men of Portland in Cartoon," by Harry Murphy (1912), likely self-published, filled with caricatures of men of this era here in Portland, Oregon...

  5. I have a 1943 cartoon by Harry Murphy from the San Diego Union. I'm not sure if it's the same Harry Murphy. Any way to send you an image?


  6. Hi Bill, my email is at the top right of this page,