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North Pole Nat

North Pole Nat; or, the Secret of the Frozen Deep, Pluck and Luck 9, 4 May 1898, was by the author of 'Lost at the North Pole; or, The Kingdom of Ice' from Pluck and Luck 63, 16 August 1899 by Captain Thomas H. Wilson (pseudonym). Originally 'Lost at the North Pole' appeared in The Boys of New York story paper from 26 May to 11 August 1888 under the pseudonym J. G. Bradley. North Pole Nat may have come from The Boys of New York as well.

The author of both titles was probably Francis W. Doughty who wrote much early science-fiction for dime novels. In Ed LeBlanc’s chronological listing of BONY serials he lists 26 serials under the name of J. G. Bradley which were “taken from Doughty's personal file and can be assumed accurate.”

At first BONY reprinted serials from the British penny dreadfuls of J. J. G. Bradley (real name James Skipp Borlase). These are the KNOWN English serials reprinted in Boys of New York from London England’s Hogarth House and Brett's "Boys of England" Office.

Volume II No.60. October 9, 1876.- “Bluecap; or, The Australian Dick Turpin” By the author of “Gentleman George.”

*Originally Boys Standard No. 25. 1876. J. J. G. Bradley ( Real name James Skipp Borlase) And "Bluecap, the Bushranger, or, the Australian Dick Turpin." J. J. G. Bradley. Hogarth House Standard Library c. 1885.

Volume II No. 81.- March 5, 1877.- “The King of Diamonds.” By the author of “Gentleman George” “Bluecap” &c.

*Originally Boys Standard No. 53.1876. J. J. G. Bradley ( Real name James Skipp Borlase) And "King of Diamonds, or, The Adventures of the Pack in France." Hogarth House Standard Library 188-.

Volume III. No. 108. Sept. 10, 1877.- “Young Will Watch, The Smuggler King” By the author of “Gentleman George” “King of Diamonds” &c.

*Originally Boys Standard No. 87. And “Young Will Watch, The Smuggler King” Hogarth House. 188-. By Borlase.

Volume III No. 155 August 3, 1878, “Captain Tom Drake; or, The Young Privateers by H. C. Emmet.

*Originally from "The Sons of Britannia, No. 133, “Captain Tom Drake; or, England’s Hearts of Oak,” by W. L. Emmett.

Vol. X No. 444. Feb. 16, 1884. Boys of New York Supplement. “Handsome Harry of the Fighting Belvedere” by Gaston Garne, author of “Jack Ariel” “Kit Carson, The King of Scouts” “Double-Six; or, The Dominoes of Death” “The Prairie Witch; or, The Hunters of the Silver Trail.”

*Originally from Boys Standard No. 20 March 18, 1876, “Handsome Harry, of the Fighting Belvedere” by E. Harcourt Burrage. London "Best For Boys" Publishing N. D.

Vol. X. No. 490. “On the Queen’s Service,” Bradley.

*Originally Boys Standard No. 1. J. J. G. Bradley ( Real name James Skipp Borlase) And "On The Queen's Service : A Tale of Many Lands." J. J. G. Bradley Hogarth House N.D.

Vol. X. No. 532. The Cowled Eleven; or, The Hunchback of Old Saint Paul’s” Allyn Draper. Author of “Buffalo Bill Jr. and His Band of Deadshots.”

*Originally "The Hunchback of Old Saint Paul’s; or, A Romance of Mystery" Hogarth House. Anon. N. D.

Vol. XI. No. 552. 1886. “By Command of the King. An Historical Romance.” Bradley. See "The Captain of the Guard" next entry.

*Originally Anon., London: "Boys of England" Office.

Vol. XI. No. 569. 1886. “The Captain of the Guard; or, The Mysterious Horseman.” Allyn Draper.

*Originally London: "Boys of England" Office “The Captain of the Guard; or, The Mysterious Horseman, a Romance of Old London” Anon. By the author of "By Command of the King" No Date. Probably Percy B. or Vane Ireton St. John.

The following BONY serials are of American origin and I assume are all by Doughty;

Jan. 29, 1881. “The American Gentleman George.” Bradley.

Vol VII. No. 327 Nov. 19, 1881. “Starlight Tom; or, The Riders of the Forest.” Bradley.

May 26, 1883. “Gentleman George and His Strange Adventures.” Bradley. Author of “Starlight Tom” “The Rival Rangers”

December 1883. “Captain Jack Tempest; The Prince of the Sea.” Bradley.

Vol. X No. 444. Feb. 16, 1884. “Paul the Buccaneer” by Bradley.

Volume XVIII. June 17, 1893. “The Boy Sultan; or, Searching For A Lost Diamond Mine.” Bradley. Author of “Exile of Lost Land” “Beyond the Aurora” “The Phantom Brig” “The Coral City” “On A Man-of-War”

Francis W. Doughty (1815-1917) also wrote >

*Mirrikh; or, A Woman From Mars, A Tale of Occult Adventure, New York, Burleigh and Johnston, 1892.

* "I," A Story of Strange Adventure. NY: Pluck & Luck #217, July 30, 1902. Seralized in The Boys of New York July 23 through September 3, 1887.

*The Lost City of the Andes; or, The Treasure of the Volcano. A Story of Adventure in a Strange Land. NY: Pluck & Luck #1210, August 10, 1921. Serialized in The Boys of New York September 19 through November 7, 1891 under name C. Little.

*Image courtesy E. M. Sanchez-Saavedra

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