Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Satellite Images – 1960

[1] Satellite Images, No. 2, May 5, 1960
SATELLITE IMAGES. The 1960 digest Satellite Images, a spin-off from the French science fiction magazine Satellite (1958-63), lasted four issues. This publication contains the Les Pionniers de L’Espérance episodes ‘Vers l’ourang mystérieux’ and ‘La cité de Bangra’ initially published in the weekly Vaillant between 1945 and 1947. This is one of the most famous French science fiction comics illustrated by Raymond Poïvet and written by Roger Lécureux.

Ace O’Hara was an interesting British strip which appeared in the Daily Dispatch newspaper and in the Melbourne Age in Australia from 8 November 1954 to 3 August 1964. The long-running Mercury Features strip was bylined Basil Blackaller until his death in 1958 when Tony Speer took over the illustration. The writer was Conrad Frost. 

In France, Ace O’Hara has also been published in several “petits formats” (= comics of 13 x 18 cm) by editor Artima in Tourcoing, Aventures Fiction, Météor, Sidéral, Étranges aventures etc.

[2] Ace O’Hara
[3] Ace O’Hara
[4] Les Pionniers de L’Espérance
[5] Les Pionniers de L’Espérance
[6] Les Pionniers de L’Espérance
[7] Les Pionniers de L’Espérance
[8] Satellite Images, covers Nos. 2, 3, and 4
[9] Satellite, les Cahiers de la Science Fiction, No. 22, 1960

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