Monday, April 14, 2008

The German "Punch"

German comics and cartoons had a great influence on the early comic strip in America. Frank Leslie, De Witt and Davenport, and many other cheap publishers issued German newspapers and accounts of true and supposedly true crime in that tongue. The comic periodical Puck started business as a German-language weekly but an English version appeared the following year in March, 1877. The cartoons of Fliegenden Blätter can be found in British, American and Canadian magazines and newspapers at the turn of the century.

Strand Series on World Caricature>

- Australasia (Jun 1902)
- America (Mar-Apr-May 1902)
- English (Jan 1902)
- Dutch (July 1902)
- France (Dec 1901)
- Germany (Apr 1901)

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