Monday, April 14, 2008

Strongbow the Mighty

Steve Holland writes >

"The Robin Alone strip you posted recently is actually a reprint from the British comic Mickey Mouse Weekly, drawn by Bill Lacey in the early to mid 1950s. The Rustlers of Deepwood Ranch storyline ran in Mickey Mouse during the summer of 1954. I'm surprised it turned up in an Australian newspaper. I don't have any of the original strips for comparison, but it would appear to have been rejigged, as the original British strip would have been portrait rather than landscape."

I suspected there may have been others and Strongbow the Mighty looked like a good bet. Steve again >

"Yes, there was definitely a Strongbow in Mickey Mouse Weekly, drawn by Ron Embleton."

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  1. I confirm this as I checked the first story of Robin Alone in MMW from June 17, 1950.

    He is introduced as the "wild boy of the forest", who "lived with the creatures of the wild and knew their language". He is seen with all sorts of animals including a raccoon, an eagle, a deer, a coyote, a bear and a monkey.

    We at Inducks have indexed a few of the Robin Alone stories:

    Best regards, François Willot.