Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ally Sloper by Marie Duval

Round February 1870 Marie Duval took over the artwork on Ally Sloper. She followed the same template used by Charles Henry Ross, the decorative titles and vignette drawings with captions underneath each panel. My guess is that Ross, for the most part, wrote the stories and supplied layouts for Duval to finish. Most of the women's faces are indistinguishable from the work of Ross.

Marie Duval has often been called the first woman cartoonist in England but female caricaturists, while small in number were practicing even in the Eighteenth Century. Mary Darly was not only a caricaturist, she engraved a guide to caricature, with illustrations by her pupils, some of whom may have been women. T. Cornell was another woman who engraved caricatures for the print shops, and Mrs. Louisa Sheridan's comic annuals, stuffed with her cartoons, were enormously popular in the early Nineteenth Century.

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  1. As usual, another wonderful discoverment in your blog. I love this ancient british style.