Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Air Aces of the North

Air Aces of the North by Bracebridge Heming, 1936. Bracebridge Heming (1903-1988) was the son of Philip Henry Heming, journalist and editor on Ally Sloper’s Half-Holiday. Philip was the younger brother of Bracebridge Hemyng (1841-1901) celebrated author of the popular penny dreadful series begun with Jack Harkaway’s Schooldays in 1871. Philip’s other son Jack Heming (1899-1987) author of “The Air Dope Hunters” and his wife Dorothy Eileen Marsh (1900-1948) were also deeply involved in children's book writing.

The story of the Air Aces of the North takes place in Canada, North of Winnipeg, and involves two boys in search of a treasure of hidden pelts in the Arctic. The villains are a German and a French-Canadian named (what else?) Pierre. In an unusual plot twist Pierre turns against the villains and befriends the two youthful heroes.

*Thanks to Steve Holland

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