Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Armand Welcker

On a Mexican Mustang by the editors of "Texas Siftings," 1883. By Alexander E. Sweet and J. Armoy Knox. Illustrations by Armand Welcker.

Alexander E. Sweet, early Texas Humorist, was born in Canada and moved to San Antonio Texas in 1849. He worked as a columnist for the Galveston News, and in 1881, along with Irishman J. Armoy Knox took over an Austin weekly which they renamed Texas Siftings. Circulation soared to 50,000 per week and the concern moved to New York. Frank Bellew was a contributing cartoonist. The weekly was published as far afield as London, England. Sweet died in 1901 in Texas. According to Theodore Dreiser’s Newspaper Days Armand Welcker was a staff artist on the St. Louis Globe Democrat along with C. R. Grimm and “Rogers.”

"Sketches from "Texas Siftings" can be read HERE.

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