Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Matchless Nick Carter

J. Edward Leithead wrote eleven superbly illustrated articles for The American Book Collector, Arlington Heights, Illinois (1950 to - ?) beginning with “Legendary Heroes and the Dime Novels” Vol. 18, No. 7, 1963. At the end of the tenth article it is reported that Leithead died of a heart attack leaving one article of his left to be published. The last article appeared in the next issue titled “The Klondike Stampede in Dime Novels.”

The Eleven articles in the series are:

“Legendary Heroes and the Dime Novels"”

“The Saga of Young Wild West”

“The Revolutionary War in Dime Novels”

“Tanbark and Spangles in Dime Novels”

“Buffalo Bill Multi-Storied Scout and Plainsman”

“The Outlaws Rode Hard In Dime Novel Days”

“The Diamond Dicks: Frontier Lawmen”

“The Great Detective Team: Old and Young King Brady”

“The Matchless Nick Carter”

“The Civil War in Dime Novels”

“The Klondike Stampede in Dime Novels”

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