Friday, November 25, 2011

Yesterday’s Papers Greatest Hits.

Yesterday’s Papers Greatest Hits.

My most popular posts to date seem to be about war and propaganda which is now more often referred to as “public diplomacy” a less distasteful connotation. Once the study of propaganda is begun you begin to see it everywhere. One minor manipulative example involves American President Barack Obama. Whenever the cameras are rolling and Obama is talking to the “folks” he dresses in a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up -- it is a bit subtle but leaves the impression in the targets' mind that he is, or is preparing to do, some hard and dirty work -- just like real “folks.”

Six of my greatest “hits” involve propaganda; four are about popular comics and their artists: Charles G. Bush, H. T. Webster, George Herriman and the father/son José Luis and Alberto Salinas. These have remained consistently popular throughout the last year. The top of the list in my top ten still generates 80 to 100 hits per week.

American Propaganda in World War I

15 Nov 2010

2,423 Pageviews

Louis Raemaekers (1869-1956)

12 May 2010

929 Pageviews

Charles G. Bush and the Comic Strip

28 Mar 2010

771 Pageviews

Kronprinz Wilhelm Randolph von Hearst

4 Dec 2010

590 Pageviews

A. Paul Weber (1893-1980)

15 May 2010

581 Pageviews

The Timid Soul

11 Jan 2009

566 Pageviews

All House-painters aren’t Hitlers

1 Feb 2011,

406 Pageviews

José Luis and Alberto Salinas

21 Aug 2010

375 Pageviews

The Game of Death

7 Jun 2011

365 Pageviews

Comic Strips, Cold War and Vietnam

25 May 2011,

361 Pageviews

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