Friday, October 27, 2017



 LAST WEEK  an exhibition of George Herriman’s comic art opened in Madrid, Spain, in the Reina Sofia Museum, Sabatini Building, Floor 3 — curated by Rafael García & Brian Walker, and titled George Herriman; Krazy Kat is Krazy Kat is Krazy Kat — which will run from Oct 18, 2017, until Feb 26, 2018, with about 160 items on display, most original art, some of it printed

A quantity of original art never shown together before. Brian encourages you to go to Madrid and see it.

[a] is for adorable Herr.

[b] is for beautiful brick.

[c] is for cold and wet.
See the museum’s introduction HERE.
See the 2.37 min. YouTube intro in Spanish HERE.
See the 3.17 min. YouTube intro in English HERE.
See 50 photos of the preparations and opening HERE.

[the samples a and b are not on display in the show]

The 184-page catalogue.

Reina Sofia Museo, Madrid.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

“CHIP” and His Dogs in The Munsey

[1] Chip (1862-94)

“The late Frank P.W. Bellew and his work as a humorous draftsman — Of the many comic types he created, the best are his inimitable dogs.”

by Tom Masson,
in Munsey’s Magazine,
August 1905,
pp. 601-607
[2] p.601 
[3] p.602
[4] p.603
[5] Munsey’s Magazine, published by Frank A. Munsey, had the shorter cover title The Munsey.
[6] p.604
[7] p.605
[8] p.606
[9] p.607
[10] The book “Chip’s” Dogs was published in 1895, this is the cover of the 1897 edition.
[11] New Yorker Chip or Frank P.W. Bellew died young at 32.5 years — only six years after his father, Frank Bellew Sr. — and was buried the tenth of November, 1894, at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx in New York, Fern section 77.

Chris Wheeler
Ginny M.