Friday, January 20, 2017

HARLEY by Dan Thompson

 DAN THOMPSON  is a member of the national Cartoonist Society and lives in North Carolina. His first cartoon was called LOST SHEEP, a web comic posted by Comic Sherpa HERE. His second, the exciting adventure strip RIP HAYWIRE, is syndicated by Andrews McMeel Syndicate and can be ogled HERE. Rip Haywire dates back to the first week of January 2009 and has been issued in six reprint volumes so far. His 100-page graphic novel titled Rip Haywire and the Curse of Tangaroa! was published by IDW Publishing in October 2011. March 2016 he published a chapter book for kids under the title Li’l Rip Haywire Adventures; Escape from Camp Cooties.

 Author-artist  Thompson is an avid reader of reprinted collections starring Captain Easy, Buz Sawyer, Terry and the Pirates, Steve Canyon and Dick Tracy. He likes to keep busy — he also draws the features BREVITY [HERE] and KIDSPOT [HERE] for Universal Uclick. His newest comic strip is HARLEY which will start March 6 on GoComics. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Angoulême 44 in France, a truly International Comic Book Festival

Cartooning For Peace.

THE PRESS KIT for this year’s Angoulême fest is produced by 9eArt+ and designed by Le Goff & Gabarra, the ‘Wise Design Studio’ of creative directors Camille Gabarra and Tugdual Le Goff. See their beautiful work HERE.

A highlight in Angoulême is the exhibit about Petite histoire de la révolution française, by Grégory Jarry et Otto T.

The Grand Jury of 2017 is presided by Posy Simmonds from London, England, who’s against a Brexit.

This year’s attractions are, among others and in no particular order, Hermann, Will Eisner, Franquin, Mézières et Christin, Alex Alice, Kazuo Kamimura, Loo Hui Phang, Outsider Comics, Disney artists, Sophie Guerrive, Philippe Dupuy, French Marvel Panini Comics, Grégory Jarry & Otto T.

See some of the latest French books on Disney’s Mickey Mouse, HERE.

This is the 57-page Press Kit for the 44th edition. The cover and poster show mainly male attributes connected to war and battle.

All Festival Cats are drawn by Lewis Trondheim.