Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Fun Factory –

of Farringdon Street 

The Fun Factory of Farringdon Street, by UK comics historian Alan Clark (author of Comics, an Illustrated History with Laurel Clark, 1992), tells the story of Alfred Harmsworth's Amalgamated Press and the Fleetway House from 1890 to 1960, from the comics (The Funny Wonder, Comic Cuts, Illustrated Chips &c.) to the boys' story papers (Union Jack, Pluck, Magnet &c.). The book is small in size but packed with historical fact and lavishly illustrated. Only available on EBAY.

Edwardian Comic Papers (2021) is out of print now, but is a potpourri look at the publishers, editors, cartoonists and writers of the Edwardian era of comic journals illustrated with period photographs and illustrated comics like Jester & the Wonder, Big Budget, Lark's, Scraps, World's Comic, Funny Cuts &c. Features a lot of unknown fact and history including American imports by Dirks, Charles Dana Gibson, and Opper.