Thursday, January 22, 2009

T. C. H. Jacobs (1899-1976)

I was reading the latest post from my good friend Steve Holland about British comic legend Alan Hemus, D. C. Thomson storyteller, and thought I would search my files for samples of his writing. I had no luck, but, as a pendant to Steve's post I offer samples from an Amalgamated Press author, T. C. H. Jacobs, who used the pen name Jacques Pendower. The following are all from The Knockout and are illustrated by exceptional drawings by Derek Eyles.

The T. C. H. Jacobs literary papers are held at Pennsylvania State University, and they have posted his biography and more information on their website HERE.

This bottom piece is not by Eyles but gives another artist's version of The Lost legion.

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  1. Anyone wanting to read a little more about the work of T.C.H. Jacobs, and to see his picture, might like to visit and click on the link to March 2007. The last time I had dealings with this writer (a favourite) was in the mid sixties when he wrote a text story that was used as the opening item in a Boys' World Annual. From memory, I believe the illustrations to that one were by Don Lawrence.
    By coincidence, I'll be using a Derek Eyles picture as part of a promotion for Wild West Monday in the March 2009 Black Horse Extra, which will be generally available online next week.