Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Frank "Chip" Bellew

Frank P. W. "Chip" Bellew was son of the famous cartoonist Frank Bellew which made it natural that he would become a "chip off the block" and follow the career of cartooning. Even while both were still alive they were mixed up in the newspaper columns. "Chip" illustrated numerous books and contributed cartoons to Puck and Life in the days of the Gibson Girl. "Chip" died in 1894. His speciality was drawing canines and both these samples are from July 1886. The masthead on The NY Comic Weekly is in a different style and looks to be signed on the train J. Sharp.

Top: Original Life drawing by 'Chip' courtesy Don Kurtz

Middle: New York: The Comic Weekly, Vol. I No. 20, 3 July 1886, courtest Joe Rainone.

Bottom: Golden Days, 17 July 1886


  1. Hi
    Very interesting article.
    My name is Mario van Grichen-Bellew and I am Portuguese.
    Chip's father, Frank Temple Bellew, was my 2nd great-grandfather.
    I looking for Frank's descendency. Do you know where I can find more info?

  2. You could try
    Good luck...

  3. Than you so much John.
    A little correction. Frank Temple was my 2nd great grand uncle, son of Francis-John Bellew, my 3rd great grand-father. I am also looking for a book written by Francis "Views in India", which is always unavailable. Do you know the book?
    Yes, would be the most useful site, but I was thinking about something less expensive -:)

  4. The title "Views in India" is available at but the author is Lieut. George Francis White.