Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gene Ahern (1895-1960)

"The Squirrel Cage," by Gene Ahern, 20 Nov1941, King Features Syndicate. Ahern is remembered mainly for the creation of Major Hoople, "Egad! Kof! Kof!," in the single-panel Our Boarding House, but other of his creations were just as deserving of preservation. "The Squirrel Cage," according to 100 Years of American Newspaper Comics, was created as the topper to the Sunday Room and Board on June 21, 1936. most myserioos was the little mystical hitch-hiker, who tried (and failed) every week to thumb a ride to the city of Swolz. "Nov Shmoz Ka Pop?"

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  1. Hola, JOHN:
    "Nov shmoz ka pop" fue muy popular en los años '40 en Argentina. Esta historieta se publicó en la revista Billiken, de Buenos Aires, con el nombre de "Jopito y Calvete".
    Puedes consultar en

    Un saludo cordial.