Monday, August 10, 2009

On Board the Frank Leslie

London penny dreadful author Bracebridge Hemyng was in the midst of the serial Jack Harkaway Among The Brigands, for Edwin Brett in London, when he ‘defected’ to America and publisher Frank Leslie circa 1873. In 1877 12 people made a trip by railway from New York to the Pacific in a Wagner Drawing Room Car renamed “The Frank Leslie” for the occasion. On board were Frank Leslie and his wife; Leslie’s friends Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hackley ; Bracebridge Hemyng; historian Edwin A. Curley; Miss G. A. Davis; young artists Walter R. Yeager and Harry Ogden; photographer W. B. Austin; Hamilton S. Wilks, business manager; W. K. Rice, son of the Governor of Massacheusetts; and Mrs. Leslie’s Skye Terrier, Follette.

Above is the most common image of Hemyng who I think may be pictured in the bottom engravings (minus muttonchops) on board the 'Frank Leslie.'

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