Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Asthma Simpson the Village Queen

“Asthma Simpson the Village Queen” ran through the Philadelphia Evening Ledger from 28 Dec 1914 to 27 April 1915, a little over 100 daily strips. The artist was the mysterious Billy Liverpool. The villains name was Con Traffic, the village was Cheezburg. One woman wrote a letter to the editor enclosing a 2 cent stamp and asking for the Ledger of April 5 “on account of the prize fight returns the supply was exhausted before we could get it. Being rural New Jerseyites, we more than look forward to the daily paper and more than enjoy its contents, especially the daily laughs afforded by “Asthma Simpson.” Much credit is due Billy Liverpool.” The entire comic strip can be read HERE. They have a nice setup, just find the issue for 28 Dec 1914 and you can read the newspapers in chronological order by clicking 'next issue.'

*Update: Drew the bogus Mutt & Jeff around1915, then hired by Bud Fisher to ghost the real thing for over fifteen years, up to 1934. Thanks to Steven Rowe.

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