Thursday, August 11, 2011

André Galland (1886-1965)

André Galland (1886-1965) was an illustrator of newspapers, children’s books, posters, romans, comic strips (beginning in 1908), and over 200 comic novels for the Paris-Graphic agency. He contributed to L'Intrépide, Ima, L'Ami des Jeunes and Tintin. Several novels featuring Vidoq and Rocambole featured in the Canadian newspaper Le Petit Journal beginning with a 2 part Rocambole sequence on 24 Sept 1950. He must have enjoyed the character because he returned with a long romance of Rocambole which ran from 23 Nov 1952-Feb 7 1953.

Remove Caricatures of Hitler From Paris Show

Paris, March 23, 1935.- A caricature of Adolf Hitler with an axe in one hand and two women's heads in the other was removed today from the annual "humorists salon." The artist André Galland said he withdrew it after the German ambassador had complained to the ministry of foreign affairs.

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