Monday, August 22, 2011

Gleason's Contributors

I don't know anything about L. Curtiss Hine but during the same period E. Curtiss Hine was contributing to Graham's American Monthly, Graham's Magazine and The Knickerbocker -- probably the same person and possibly a pseudonym. Dr. J. H. Robinson was a very popular author of romances in the forties and fifties. One of his highwayman romances, Nightshade; or, the Masked Robber of Hounslow Heath, was still being published in the 1880's by Beadle & Adams. Francis A. Duriface is a complete unknown (Update: blame it on the typeface the author's real name was Francis Alexander Durifage). Miss Sarah M. Howe was another romance writer. She contributed The Heiress of Toulon, or, A Sailor's Fortune: a descriptive romance of the land and the ocean to Gleason's publications in 1852. Mrs. M. E. Robinson contributed The Dirt-Barrel War to Ballou's Monthly Magazine in 1855 and An Incident of the Revolution to Gleason's Monthly Companion in 1873. Perhaps she was the wife or daughter of Dr. Robinson.

F. Clinton Barrington was mentioned in Haynes Pseudonyms of Authors in 1882 as the pseudonym of Leon Lewis but Johannsen in The House of Beadle & Adams states that

"Recently Mr. Ralph Adimari, in a letter to me of November 12, 1952, mentioned finding in Ballou's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, XVI, 1859, 408, column 4, the following announcement: "Captain Belt; or, The Buccaneers of the Gulf . . . is the best novelette Professor Ingraham ever produced, and was written expressly for this establishment." Since this appeared in print while Ingraham was still living and by the successor to the original publisher, it must be accepted as the truth, and Barrington's name must be added to the list of Joseph Holt Ingraham's pen names. All the stories with this by-line or the by-line A. G. Piper, consequently, must be transferred to J. H. Ingraham's list. Haynes's and Cushing's statements that Barrington was a pen name of Julius Warren Lewis must be considered erroneous, and the Barrington stories and the Piper reprint must be transferred to J. H. Ingraham's list."

The Ingraham image below is borrowed from HERE for comparison.

Complicating matters further is a copy of the romance Conrado de Beltran, published by Gleason, on which someone has written Julius Warren Lewis on the cover image HERE.

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