Thursday, August 18, 2011

Auguste Liquois (1902-1969)

Auguste Liquois was born in Angers, France 2 July 1902 and died 1 Sept 1969. His first comic strip work was Coco de la lune published in 1937. During the Vichy years his comics appeared in Le Téméraire, a colloborationist journal for children. After the liberation in 1945 Liquoise moved on to the communist resistance journal Vaillant. Much is made of the collaborationist work done by Hergé during the war but this was quite common -- numerous famous French cartoonists had the same stain on their past.

In 1946 Liquois and Alain Saint-Ogan (Zig et Puce) founded the 'Syndicat des dessinateurs de journaux pour enfants (Union of childrens newspaper cartoonists)'. In 1957 he drew the science-fiction comic Guerre à la Terre, written by Marijac for Cocorico. Fra Diavolo was done for the Paris-Graphic agency's series of classics adapted to comics. He also contributed to Capitaine Fracasse, seen here in a 1949 sequence by Robert Bressy.

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