Friday, August 5, 2011

Helen Jewett and Mary Surratt

"I see your old fireman talks about the Helen Jewett murder. I remember all about that, and about the girl who was murdered in Lispenard's meadows, where Lispenard Street is now, and her body put in a well there. That was before my time -- a hundred years ago -- but people were still talking about it and pointing the place out when I was a boy. The girl came from a house at Franklin and Greenwich Streets, and I knew the place well. Children used to feel scary when they passed it. The house Helen Jewett was murdered in, 41 Thomas Street, is standing yet." -- John H. Welsh, Glimpse of Old New York, New York Times, 6 August 1899.

Two notorious female criminals, Hellen Jewett and Mary Surratt, from Barclay & Co. Helen Jewett was published from 21 North 7th St., Philadelphia, whereas Trial of the Assasins and Conspirators for the Murder of Abraham Lincoln. (Sixteenth President of the United States) issued from from 602 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Another pamphlet on the assasination, The Great Conspiracy, was issued from the same adress with a brilliant colored cover. Images courtesy Joe Rainone.

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