Friday, March 15, 2013

Bull and His Burdens – in 1870s Punch

[1] Zulu War & Bull in Punch, February 8, 1879, double-page spread by John Tenniel.
by E.M. Sanchez-Saavedra

The Zulu War lasted a little over 5 months, from January 11 to July 4, 1879. This first Zulu War image above, by John Tenniel, shows a weary John Bull, mired in ‘HARD TIMES,’ bearing the burdens of (l. to r.) a Russian, an Afghan, an Egyptian, a Scot, an Irishman and a Zulu. And the ‘Phrase-Book’ below is devastatingly true. Deposed King Cetewayo was shamelessly exploited by advertisers, much as Geronimo would later appear in U.S. car ads.

[2] Punch staff artist John Tenniel (b.1820), who signed his work ‘JT’. Portrait in Review of Reviews, London, 1891.
[3] Franco-Prussian War in Punch, July 23, 1870, by Tenniel.
[4] Franco-Prussian War in Punch, September 10, 1870, by Tenniel.
[5] Zulu War & Morals in Punch, March 1, 1879, by Tenniel.
[6] Zulu War & Phrase-Book For The Use of General Officers, in Punch, March 15, 1879, illustrated by J. Priestman Atkinson.
[7] Zulu War & F.-M. Punch, in Punch, March 22, 1879, by Tenniel.
[8] Zulu War & King Cetewayo in Punch, July 8, 1882, by Linley Sambourne.

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