Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life and Adventures of Jeff. Davis

[1] cover of comic book.
Life and Adventures of Jeff. Davis was written by George Arnold, who wrote under the name ‘McArone’ (from: macaroni). He was a habitué of Pfaff’s Beer Cellar in the days of Walt Whitman. Life and Adventures was published in New York by J.C. Haney & Co. in 1865.

After the Civil War the advertising term for any humorous book, dime novel, or pamphlet was comic book. Most had at the least a comic illustration on the cover, others had several interior comic illustrations. Cost was probably a quarter or fifty cents. This must have been his last work as Arnold died that same year. Read the full novel HERE.

[5] cover of comic book.
Andy’s Trip to the West, together with A Life of its Hero was written by humorist Petroleum V. Nasby (penname of David Ross Locke) and featured Andrew Johnson as the hero. Andy’s Trip to the West was published by The American News Company in 1866. The tall tale was told in strip-form like a modern day comic book. Read the full novel HERE.


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