Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Cream of FUN

[1] cover by Frederick Barnard, c.1872.

E.M. Sanchez-Saavedra turned up the following squibs and cartoons from his ‘mouldy crypt.’ Fully titled The Cream of FUN. Selected and Arranged by Tom Hood. With Two Hundred and Fifty Pictures. It is undated but an internal advertisement refers to a pamphlet on wines for 1873, so that’s as good a clue as any. Tom Hood lived from 1835 to 1874. The cover is monogrammed by Frederick Barnard (aka Fred); the others seem to be by Barnard, John Gordon Thomson and ‘Fitz.’ There is a nice image of the crowds outside the Fleet Street offices of FUN monogrammed with a mirrored B and an arrow — definitely a puzzler as to the identity of this artist.

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