Thursday, March 28, 2013

With Mr. Weedon Grossmith’s Compliments

Starring actor Weedon Grossmith

THESE IMAGES, courtesy Robert Kirkpatrick, are images from a Souvenir brochure and a programme of the 204th performance of The New Boy in England. Peter Jensen Brown discovered a poster recently which shed much new light on the origins of Alfred E. Neuman (see HERE). The Souvenir brochure contained 12 b&w photos, mounted on card, of the cast along with their facsimile autographs. Peter Jensen Brown has a new post which examines ‘New Boy’ Willis Searle’s cross-dressing background HERE. No photos of Searle have turned up as yet. Also see Faces of the New Boy HERE.

Programme, August 13, 1894

Souvenir Brochure, February 21, 1895
Playwrite Arthur Law
May Palfrey

Frederick Volpé

Actor Volpé played Felix Roach in later performances of The New Boy.

Cast List

The cast list which is pasted to the inside cover of the Souvenir Brochure, with a slightly different cast to that in the earlier programme.


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